This site is in no way affiliated with EA or the NHL. I am just an avid gamer obsessed with numbers and the sport of Hockey. This site and its data are not real, this is not real life. All logos and content on this site are available freely on the web or my TV screen, and I use them just for effect, nothing more. I bought the domain so I could remember the dang name of my site when sharing it with others.


This site is a stat tracker for my EA NHL 19 Franchise mode - tracking a single player and a single team.

If my player is injured, I sim through the games that he is not on the ice. Otherwise, I play all games, all the way through.

This site is a mash up of the game, hockey-reference and everything else that is not in this game statistically.

This entire site is built using Google Sites, Google Sheets and Workflowy.


(The Unofficial) EA NHL Franchise Tracker

You can download the spreadsheet I use for this site here

FYI - my team and player name are left generic on purpose.